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Well, I dedicate this piece of write up to a person aptly named Dana Roslan or her real name is Farisha Dayana Roslan. I know this GOD forbid creature many many many years ago when she did practical training with my mother’s travel agency back in the 90’s.

I till today wonder what does my mother see in this dark skinned more westernised than Malay woman? My mum asked me to ask her out. In which at first I was quite reluctant because I was kind of seeing someone at that moment and she was nowhere near my choice of woman.I had exquisite taste and this woman was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy way way way way below par. But then, is not nice to judge someone just because of her looks or lifestyle right? Wrong! Because I always trust my intuition and it never fails me. Should anyone wants to see how this Beyonce wannabe looks like, go on and add her as your friend on Facebook. Type Dana Roslan and you will see her restricted image column. Damn….

Oh yeah I forgot, she only like white dicks and thinks Malays are shallow. Hahahaha the joke is on you biatch! What are you? Caucasian? African? YOU ARE A MALAY you moron! Bontot bekerak jugak however westernised you think you are!

Now I am sure why most people are wondering why am so god damned pissed at this piece of unholy shit right? Who wouldn’t be? If you were conned of your child’s money right? Anyway heres how the story goes. I went out with this character for almost 6 months and I tell you I kinda regretted I asked her out the first time. I have never met anyone so egoistical, demanding, controlling and so emotional as her. She fits the bill as a Drama Queen. No no no she’s better than that she’s the Goddess of Drama. All hail!

After sometime, my mum kinda ask me to propose to her. So I told her of my mum’s intentions and she rejected with the excuse she wants to see the world and so on and so forth. As I was going out with her, I met my now wife. And she has far better qualities than Dana. I tell you far far far better. And secretly all I wanted was to fuck Dana and just dump her. Thank GOD Almighty that I didn’t because for all I knew she must have crabs or some vaginal carrying disease from humping all the whites, blacks and GOD knows how many other colours.

Then, I kinda drifted away from her because like I said before, she was not my type though mum liked her. Of only mum knew then and not now what sorta character this person was. Probablyshe would even get a restraining order then! Hahaha!

So after many many many years, she found me through Facebook. “FUCK!” I thought to myself. Here she is to GOD knows what. Ok, don’t judge her like you did then. I told myself again. So I accepted her friend request and we began talking about lost times and how we have been doing. She told me she is now with some middle eastern airline as a stewardess. So I told her finally she got what she wished for, to see the world.

So after Facebooking for almost a year, I got a message stating she’s coming down somewhere in December 2008. She said lets meet for coffee. That night I so happened had made plans with my buddies. And I rather not disappoint them because they are my buddies and she was only a has been so I know my priorities. She said she wanna meet up. There you go again be the drama demanding drama queen.

I do not like to be asked many time and so I asked her to join us. We agreed to meet up at 8 in Bukit Bintang Plaza. So me and Ben my ggod friend decided to pick her up as my car was being used by my missus. We arrived in Bukit Bintang Plaza by 810. It was drizzling that night. Called her to state we have arrived and she said she was on her way. My friend than asked me if she was a hooker? I was quite taken aback by that question and I asked why.

“Now, if you are a stewardess with some middle eastern airline. Would you be staying in a cheap hotel somewhere in the red light district? You must be earning more than a middle class executive here in Malaysia due to being paid id USD!”

I thought to myself. And silently I agreed. Because look at it this way, your parents have a huge house in Shah Alam and you are acting so shady and avoiding questions when asked, doesn’t it tell you something? I wanted to pick her up where she was staying at yet she asked me to wait in front of Planet Hollywood. Now it is 9pm and she hasn’t showed up. Calls went unasnwered.

Ben decided to just leave this trash where she belongs (in a trash can I suppose! Hahahaha). Only then I got a call from her. “I left my phone and wlaked back to get ot. I got your text. Wait up.” Me and Ben were quite pissed then already. You wanted to see me and I have to fucking wait on you? Who the fuck are you Dana Roslan? Not my wife, not my sister, than what fucking right have you got to tell me to wait on you? Are you the fucking queen of the universe? Maybe a fucking queen or queen of fuck though but you ain’t my queen shit!

So trying to be a gentleman I asked Ben to wait on her for another 10 minutes. We have been getting calls from friends who are waiting for us at the karaoke place asking where were we. Finally she showed up and looking like a whore! Micro tiny weeny shorts that you can actually see a portion of her butt crack and the shape of her swollen cunt! Ben was like aghast! So was I. When she got in the car her perfume was intoxicating. She wore an ultra low cut singlets (I dont really know what they are called). And parts of her tetek was like showing. This is not the Dana I used to go out with!

Well she acted quite sgady during the karaoke. I said shady because evert time her phone rang, she looked uneasy. It was like she was afraid of the person that was calling her. And furthermore, she would even let me see who was calling and to me it was fine because it’s not my problem. Imagine, you having a good time with your buddies and there is this is person that keep telling you you she need to be back by 10pm. The nerve! You came late and now you demand me to send you back early. Wow! The excuse, “I am staying with brother at Jalan Alor and he doesn’t have a key and he will be back by 10pm”

Weird, and shady. Now how many sets of keys does a normal person hass for his home? I have four! My wife and me a set each, one is with my mother-inlaw and one with my mum just in case. And her brother only has one set of keys which was with her. Furthermore, was it really her ‘brother’? Or was it her… nevermind it’s not nice to accuse of her having a pimp. Oopps!

On the way to the car, she asked if I had 50 bucks coz she hadn’t had dinner. I was like WTF? You came late, you wanted to leave early and now you asking for 50 bucks? Hell you are not even worth 20 sen! Even, a free fuck would be a curse on anyone! I pitied her for whatever reason only HE knows and I withdrew RM50 from my kids account as my salary was on a two days float in the bank and I only had like twenty bucks on me after the karaoke. To me, paying her 50 bucks was like paying her for services to accompany us that night. Well Dana, you made yourself look and hint yourself as a whore! She thanked me and promised to pay me back by weeks end (and that was like 16 weeks ago!) God knows how many weeks would be her weekend.

I texted her asking her join my Gen-2 Network gahthering and she did not reply. The week after I send her messages again asking her how she was, again no message. A couple of days later I got her private message in Facebook apologising (which I feel was unsincere and fake) saying her mum was ill. I mean if your mum was ill, does your thumb fall ill that you can’t  even answer a call?

After a few messages in facebook this was her reply

first of all i borrowed that money,pls jgn fikir bukan2 cuz i at the same time u upset yg kite tak jadi keluar the other day,iv told u already we gonna lepak before i go bk to dubai,at the moment i cant go bk as my mum’s condition not allowed me to do so,ur 50 is still save and so dissapointed u sent me that message,and ur wife labelled me as a worries babe,ull get ur money 50ringgit.i dun need to explain myself so much as its not necessary to do so at this moment.thnx norman happy new year

And this was mine

Just to badlah la babe dia panggil u con…not only her but now mum pun dah tahu….dia pegang buku akaun anak2 dia dan of courselah dia realised duit short 50 bucks kan? tak payah la bayar balik Dana. Manusia bila susah mandai cari minta tolong dan bila dah senang lupa diri. Macam kamulah.

Aku halalkan je la 50 hengget tak seberapa tu sebab aku rasamaruah diri aku lebih bernilai dari 50 hengget tu dan rasanya aku takde la nak terhegeh hegeh minta duit nak keluar kalau tahu diri aku tu sengkek nak keluar melainkan niat aku nak pow orang lah.

Anyway dah tahun baru pun aku pun malas la nak pikir-pikir. Ko nak marah bini aku panggil ko con? Kalau kau di tempat dia, wajar tak dia marah? Cermin diri tu dulu Farisha Dayana sebelum nak menilai orang. I nak upset u tak keluar dengan I? What THE FUCK? You rasa you tu hebat sangat ke nak to be seen with me amongst my closest friends? PLEASE again I beg of thee to look in the mirror ok?

And please dun gimme crap about your mum’s condition and all that bullshit. Aku bukan budak darjah lima ko nak kelentong. Mak sakit2 pun ada time layan FaceBook? Ko memang hebat dowh mak sakit leh layan FB.

Dah la Dana, as of now, ko buat jer lah ko tak kenal aku. Aku tak rugi apa pun. Rugi 50 hengget jadi kawan ko ada lah. Take care…cheers…

And she replied though I told not to…

hey,dun be so rude ok….i dun give a fuck damn fuck wot u wana think…i tak nak simpan 50ringgit tu….woteva it is….am sorry for all this incovenience,well con ke pop corn ke,wot the fuck like u said…..well if u know how to talk to me this way i know too….i tak paksa u bg duit tu,i ckp i pinjam,u ingat i tak pernak pegang 50rinngit ker?i tak penah lupa diri tau,u r nuthing to me to say any of that bullshit of yours…..kalau i layan fb so wot,i tak ckp mak i sakit tenat cuma i ckp with my mum’s condition….so dun make any assumptions buta tuli norman oiiii….whateva it is….tk cr

See? See what I mean? Creating excuses to cover one lie. Does she ever realise she is living in a world of lies? You begged to borrow money from someone and now you act like that person owes you the world? Who the fuck are you tramp? You are just a piece of shit that God put on the face of earth to make our lives a living hell! You know where you belong you whore? You belong in a ‘meat trade’. You fit in nicely there. But the, you will spoil the business by scaring away customers with your antics and dramas. Imagine a fuck with you will make that person leap of KLCC just to shut that pie hole.

So much said, I just realised today that she deleted me and wife in her facebook. I thought of doing so the moment she added me but then again I hold tru to my principles and beliefs. My mother brought me up well not to treat people bad although that is how they treat you. So miss Farisha Dayana, who’s the moron now? Whos on the loosing end? Who looks bad? Well I am not sorry for sharing this piece of shit to everyone and anyone who reads this because they have every right to know the dark side of you before they too get conned especially the shallow Malays as you said it. Betcha you didn’t know that those whites and blacks humping you do only so because they can just dump you after the good hump they get from you. And that is why most of your boyfriends never last long. Its because of your attitude. If a shallow and only Malay guy ever dated you can’t even stand your attitude, imagine the much more open minded and westernised minds!

I just have one thing to to actually confess to you, dating you is like fucking Lucifer up his arse! Well, you have a good day and pleasant life!