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Today is the second day Michale jackson was taken away from us. I still can’t believe that is gone forever. This great man was an inspirational icon to almost the entire globe. Those who grew with his music will understand what I mean. Look at it this way, he was one of the backbone for USA FOR AFRICA project back in the eighties to fight famine in Africa hence the song We are the World was born.

During my school days, I have posters and cassettes of his albums. His work is truly inspirational and an eye opener. Songs like Black or White, Heal the World, Man in the Mirror and Stranger in Moscow are mostly about the issues we face everyday and choose to just ignore it; racism, enviromental issue and so on.

I remembered saving my school allowance to watch his musical movie MOONWALKER. It was shown at PJ State cinema. Me and my youger sister watched the movie enthusiatically and thought how magical it was. And after the movie there were booths set up selling his merchandise. I bought his BAD album there. Since I spent the cab money on buying his original album, me and my baby sister had to walk a kilometre to the bus stand. The things I do. LOL.

I, amongst the millions if not billions, are saddened with his passing on. At least he went peacefully. Not OD’ed on some cocaine meth speed cocktail. I was just browsing through YouTube and saw numerous MJ haters comments. I was awed and irked. How can you make such comments on a dead person? Shows what religion teaches you eh? Give him some respect. Forgive him for his wrongs (if any) and let him be. He did not bother you or put you in pain. He just hate him simply because he was great, he was a charitable being and also a legend. That is why you hate him because you know you can be him in this lifetime or any other time.

Well MJ, may ALLAH bless you and forgive all of your sins. May HE put you amongst the matyrs. Amin